Green Tactics for Sustainable Trade Shows

A plethora of printed materials like brochures and fliers end up in the trash after trade shows, so consider alternative digital solutions instead of printing physical literature to distribute. Use QR codes to link directly to online content or email campaigns instead of dispensing physical literature.

Promote eco-friendly commute options for both staff and attendees to reduce emissions from transportation, and encourage them to offset them through carbon offset projects that contribute towards global sustainability goals.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Trade shows create a lot of waste and energy consumption, making it crucial that venues prioritize sustainability initiatives. Choose venues with LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), third-party environmental certifications or an event industry-specific certificate like the GBAC Star cleanliness rating when planning your next trade show event.

When designing your booth, opt for sustainable components such as custom modular displays or banners made of recyclable materials. Rather than handing out plastic trinkets, offer eco-friendly giveaways like tote bags made from recycled materials, bamboo utensils or seed kits.

Digital marketing materials can help cut down on waste and paper use by offering digital versions of marketing materials such as event apps and brochures rather than paper versions. And adding mobile-friendly QR codes that attendees can scan with their phones provides instant access to key information without requiring more printed handouts.

Waste Reduction

Trade shows are well-known for generating massive amounts of waste material. According to MeetingsNet’s survey, an average trade show attendee creates 3.5 pounds of material waste at every event they attend.

Reduce waste by using eco-friendly materials in your booth design and providing green giveaways: Fabric graphics have a smaller environmental footprint than vinyl graphics; QR codes linking straight to online brochures or websites might be just as effective as paper ones; offer clearly labeled recycling bins throughout your venue so attendees can easily sort their trash — this is not only kinder to the planet, but will improve your event’s waste management. Also important for events is limiting energy use with increased lighting control using dimmable LEDs with dimming features for improved brightness control. Carbon offsetting may help offset some of your event’s environmental impact.

Material Recycling

As consumers and corporations shift focus to sustainability, trade shows must also make efforts to reduce waste and environmental impact. Using biodegradable materials for signage or choosing printer inks that won’t harm the planet are a couple examples.

Make sure you and your attendees partner with suppliers that offer eco-friendly options at events. For example, they can provide digital versions of brochures and flyers to reduce paper use; use QR codes instead of printed materials; and make it easy for people to throw away trash by placing clearly labeled bins throughout your convention center for paper, cans/bottles, and food waste — this will help cut down on the amount of waste generated at your event.

Partner With Vendors and Suppliers

Trade shows can oftentimes have a pretty large carbon footprint from materials-intensive trade show booth fixtures to travel costs to printing promotional marketing giveaways — there is no shortage of ways events contribute towards climate change, but luckily there are plenty strategies available to make them more eco-friendly.

To start, organizers should choose venues that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability as well as provide attendees with information regarding public transportation routes or carpooling opportunities.

Making use of reusable materials in booth design, giving away eco-friendly freebies, and considering virtual and interactive elements to reduce power and resource usage are just a few ways that helps you on your way to sustainability. Waste reduction is another must-have when it comes to being sustainable.

Boost Attendees

Attendees can also show their commitment to the world by supporting green trade show practices. Some things they can do are: selecting hotels with sustainability initiatives, using green event technologies to track performance data and collect feedback from participants, offering vegetarian or vegan menu options at their events and donating any surplus materials to local charities.

For exhibitors it’s important to use fabric graphics for booths so lessens the environmental impact than vinyl. They should also reuse previous booth structures instead of renting new ones, use recycled and eco-friendly office supplies, and encourage their companies to donate any unused merchandise at the conclusion of each show.

Event organizers can make an interactive map showing public transit routes, carpool meeting points, and bike-sharing stations so attendees find it easy not to drive alone. They should also encourage exhibitors to promote their green initiatives through pre-show exhibitor communications.

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