Introduction to Sales Management

Sales are the activities concerned with the quantity or sale of products at a specified date at a price. The sale of a product to a customer is also regarded as a sale. In most cases, the sale of a product by the seller is also included in the sales. However, it is difficult to make a distinction between sales and purchases. In fact, the definition of both word can be same. It means the income that accrues to a seller after the sale of a product by the buyer.

Marketing is one of the activities aiming at increasing sales. There are many techniques used for marketing. These techniques include advertising and promotions. Most of the people involved in marketing to come up with innovative ideas to promote their products and services. Sales and marketing teams are also forming to make better utilization of the marketing strategies for gaining more sales. While conducting business, they must ensure that there is a proper balance between profitability and the creation of assets.

A large number of sales team are responsible for generating new sales. These teams are usually formed because there is a seasonal increase in demand for particular products. Some products have a short supply and are hard to sell during a particular season. In such circumstances, there will be a greater tendency for sales teams to be formed to generate new sales. A sales representative in such a group is required to have sales expertise so that he/she can handle issues related to the supply chain in the best possible manner. A sales executive must be well informed about the new products so that he/she can take right decisions regarding their production and distribution.

The other role played by salespeople is to introduce the new product to the market. This requires creating interest among potential customers. They then go about exploring the market to find out the demand for the product. For this, they use various marketing tools and methods. One such method is to use market surveys to find out what the consumers think about the product.

Sales people are also involved in determining the cost-per-sale or price-per-click metrics. Salespeople play a major role in deciding what the selling price should be. But it is the overall performance of the salespeople that determines the success of any sales venture. They need to develop long-term strategies to ensure that they generate enough revenue to support themselves and their organizations.

Developing a long-term sales strategy is not easy. It requires creativity, determination, and the willingness to work in difficult conditions. Proper planning and implementation of strategies are essential. Once implemented, an effective marketing plan can reap tremendous benefits to the company through increased revenue from sales of new and unique products.

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