Roman Diamond of Baldwinsville, NY: What Drew Him to Insurance

Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY is a successful professional in a number of respects. Not only is he a former Town Councilman, but he’s also building a successful career in insurance by focusing on the well-being of his clients. He opens up about what drew him to his day job and why it’s been so rewarding.

Insurance: Building Trusted Relationships

When many people think of insurance, they may think of policies, claim denials, and endless loopholes. Diamond of Baldwinsville NY,  has a very different take on the industry though. While it might feature legalese and jargon, its roots are in stories. He managed to establish a reputation (and a roster) by focusing more on encouraging more young people to consider a career in the insurance industry.

An insurance policy often will represent a huge milestone in a customers’ life. It’s the family who saved up enough for their dream home. It’s a college student who managed to start a business while earning their degree. It’s a teenager who just got their driver’s license. So when Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY works with his clients in Baldwinsville, NY, he takes his time to explain with real-life examples what the insured’s policy does. It was his love for teaching/advocating and wanting to protect people that inspired him to go into the field.

Building Relationships in a Small Town

Small towns offer people the chance to get to know one another on a level that few places do. Being in insurance is a chance to build on those initial relationships and take them one step further.

For Roman Diamond, choosing insurance was a way to bring relief to people he knew deserved it. When something goes wrong, whether it’s human error, intentional sabotage, or natural disaster, a good policy can put things right again.

It can be the one thing that people have to turn to when all else seems lost. A well-written and comprehensive policy is also something that people can take comfort in if there’s a snag in their forecast. Diamond of Baldwinsville NY  takes a lot of pride in playing even a small part in getting his neighbors a policy that fits best for their unique situation. As an Independent Agent Diamond of Baldwinsville NY, has access to many Insurance carriers so he can find the best rate with the best coverage for his clients because one shoe doesn’t fit all.  

Roman Diamond

Being called to a profession is not something that everyone experiences. For Roman Diamond of Syracuse NY, it was always about finding a job that would allow him an opportunity to teach people about the importance of having the right kind of coverage. In today’s society saving money is important, So Diamond takes his time explaining coverages so clients know where their hard-earned money is going.   Similar to what he did as a Town Councilman advocating and fighting for his residents, it’s giving back that means more than anything else. Diamond has spent much of his professional life explaining how different events will affect different people. Even if his clients forego certain types of coverage, he makes sure they understand the risks before they make their decisions. Going the extra mile isn’t just a way to gain his clients’ trust, it’s a way for him to prevent catastrophes before they even have the chance to develop.

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