6 Simple Commercial Printer Maintenance Tips

Your printer is an important piece of office equipment to get things done in your business. Your printing equipment does this well as a precise machine that you can trust. This nature is what makes maintenance an important measure to keep it working properly. To make sure that you are doing the right steps to maintain the good working condition of your printing machine, here are some helpful tips that you can easily follow:

  1. Store in the right place

Be very careful where you place your printer. Its optimal performance relies on how you use and how you keep it. Note that too much moisture and too much heat contribute a lot in destroying its quality. Hence, avoid areas where there is too much sun and areas that are damp.

  • Clean your printer every day

As a precise, delicate machine, it is necessary to always keep your printing equipment dusted and cleaned. This commercial printer maintenance is basic but should not be taken for granted. Dust is the culprit behind the majority of printer problems. Since this office equipment is significant to day-to-day operations in your business, you do not want to be frustrated with printer issues.

Use a handheld vacuum for cleaning the printer and not a compressed air blower. Lastly, you should clean it regularly and keep it covered after business hours or when not used. 

  • Use your printer delicately

Your commercial printer is a piece of sophisticated equipment that does not need banging when having issues. In this stressful environment, paper jams should be carefully handled. Gently pull it out and check what is causing the obstruction in the feeder.

  • Take care of your ink nozzles

The ink nozzles of your printer are very delicate. Dust can clog it and cause performance issues to the office printer. This dirt clogging can prevent the ink from passing through, which does not only affect the print but also the internals of the machine. Also, do not keep the ink nozzles from drying because this has the same effects as clogging. In times that your office is not quite busy, you should run your printer at least once per week.

  • Always keep your firmware and printer drivers updated

Withthe continuous technological advances, many printer manufacturers update their systems. You can access these updates when your firmware and printer drivers are always updated. Doing so can drastically improve the performance of your office equipment.

  • Turn it off when not in use

Printers can remain turned on for a long time. But this does not mean that the printer should be on all the time. When it is not in use or after office hours and during weekends, you must turn it off. This can help prolong the components of the printing equipment. If the parts are working well as they should, you will reduce expenses for repairs or purchasing a new printer. These steps for commercial printer maintenance are very basic and easy. If you perfect these steps, you will be sure that your printer will last longer.

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