How To Get Hired Quickly

Searching for a job is stressful enough without having to worry that it will take weeks or months for an interested employer to hire and onboard you. Luckily, there are some key things you can do during the job hunt and interview process to help you move things along a little more quickly. They can also help you feel more prepared for the various stages of the hiring process such as the initial interview, the employee HR background check, any required documentation or agreements, and finally the job offer itself. If you keep these tips in mind, you could get hired for your dream job faster than you ever imagined.

Apply Where You’re Qualified

Although there’s nothing wrong with putting in an application for a job you think you probably won’t get, you should spend most of your time applying for positions where you’re fully qualified. Look for listings where you meet all of the criteria and you’re sure to hear back from the employer faster than with positions where you don’t quite make the cut. Being a more desirable applicant means showing the employers you could easily succeed in their available role with little need for training or supervision. 

Customize the Cover Letter

Some people use templates to create their cover letters and will send the same draft to every company they apply to. This might save you time on your end, but hiring managers can tell when you send in a generic letter. You want to take the time and effort to create a custom letter every time you apply for a job. Highlight why you’d be right for that particular position and why the company stood out to you to stand out from the crowd and show genuine interest. This never fails to impress managers looking over your application.

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