How To Make Your Laundromat Stand Out

Laundromats have been around since the 1930s. For decades, they were simply large rooms of washing machines and dryers, with little else to occupy customers. More recently, laundromats are combining with other businesses in order to attract customers and make doing laundry less of a chore.

Adding Cafes

Throughout the country, laundromat entrepreneurs are following a new formula. They are trying to make people want to do their laundry. How can a business accomplish this? They make laundromats look like places people have traditionally wanted to go. Some laundromats have experimented with adding cafes, tables, and even bars. They make doing laundry a social event, and they are very popular with young adults. Cities like New York and Los Angeles were some of the first to popularize the idea, but these laundromats can be found throughout the country now. Owners find it increases laundry revenue, and the vast majority of customers also order food and beverages.

Entertaining Through Arcades

Other laundromats are catering to a different demographic – people with children. It isn’t a great idea to leave laundry in a machine while you leave the facility, but it can be difficult keeping children entertained for hours. Some companies have decided to add arcades or even small rides and play areas. Owners have found that people are willing to travel a little farther or even pay slightly more to find a facility that will help entertain their children.

Starting a Laundry Business

If you are interested in getting in on this trend, there are still plenty of opportunities. If in Florida, for example, start with an internet search of commercial washer and dryer leasing Florida. This will give you a list of companies who can help deliver, install, and service your washer and dryers. From there, it’s a matter of choosing a location, finding a niche, and starting your business.

Laundromats don’t have to be traditional in order to make money. They can be places of entertainment, like cafes, bars, or arcades. If wanting to join the industry, this is a great way to draw in customers.

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