How To Protect Your Motorcycle

The road can be a dangerous place, especially when you drive a motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance Orlando is a great way to protect yourself, your bike and any passengers you may have. Here is a look at what full-coverage motorcycle insurance takes care of.

Bodily Harm

If you are worried about medical bills from an accident or lost wages while on the mend, you need to include personal injury protection in your coverage plan. There is less protection from a motorcycle than from a car, so this kind of coverage is important.

Uninsured Coverage

When you are in an accident with a motorist who is uninsured or underinsured but they are the ones liable for the damage, this kind of coverage protects you. Normally, your insurance does not contribute when the other driver is at fault.

Property Damage

While no one wants to cause property damage, it can happen and you should be insured for it. That way, if road or weather conditions send you into someone’s car, you are covered.

Comprehensive Coverage

Not all insurance claims happen on the road. If your bike is stolen or lost due to a fire or flood, comprehensive coverage helps you get back on the road. Many of the events covered by this package are classified as “acts of God” by many insurance companies.

Collision Coverage

The most common kind of insurance, this covers various kinds of collisions. You can get parts replaced or repaired when they are damaged due to a crash. This kind of insurance also covers hit-and-run incidents where you cannot get the other person’s information.

Covering your ride is important whether you ride your motorcycle daily or just when the weather’s right. Coverage for you, your ride and those around you means if an accident happens, you can reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

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