Simple trade show booth manners that will create a long expression

Trade shows are very important for generating sales lead and also getting some good sales. Hence, it is very much necessary to watch and influence every single visitor coming to the booth to see your products. Creating a first impression is very important for you and one can get that by following the below steps –

  1.  Maintain eye contact with a smile – This is a very easy but important way to please a person and make him feel understood and recognized. Eye contact will help him or her to remember your words and products and make him feel comfortable.
    1. Start discussing with an open-ended question – These types of questions will help you to understand what the person is exactly looking for. Give a pause to listen to his replies and see which of your products or services can help him to solve his issue.
    1. Avoid smoking or eating or drinking in the booth – Do all these personal things by stepping out of the booth. No visitor or customer will like talking to you with a mouth full of food. It will create a bad impression.
    1. Wear clean or polished shoes – See that your appearance is clean from the top to the foot. While speaking with a clean face, see that your shoes are also clean or polished.
    1. Always put your booth dress on – Always see that you are in the booth uniform as you are representing your company. It will create brand awareness about the product in the long run. Since you are not in your office does not mean that you are not representing your company.
    1. Come to the booth at least 15 minutes before time – Make it a point to come to the booth with some advance time in hand. This time is needed to fresh up as your visitors should not see you in a mood of stress and tiredness.
    1. Be on the alert mood – The show visitors must always see you in the alert mood as if you are always on your toes to help them out. Maintain this gesture even when the show has slowed down.
    1. Keep the price list at hand – If you have got a long list of items in your bucket, do not simply rely on your memory and keep a price list at hand.

Just follow these steps and you will find some good return by setting up the booth at the trade show.

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